SPJ 2015 Collegiate Journalist Contest Entry

During my college career I worked on over 50 live productions, spanning both student and professional media productions. My work as a collegiate multimedia journalist helped me succeed during an internship with the Carolina Panthers and contribute video for Panthervision. I am a proven team player and someone who is not afraid to go above and beyond to get a job done right and on time.

Throughout my time as a college of student I have worked many facets of media production and media management. While in school I held multiple internships and
freelance positions with prominent media organizations. As an intern with the Carolina Panthers broadcast department I learned about all facets of broadcast production. As an
intern I worked on ENG, EFP, and studio productions. My work as an intern afforded me the chance to work as a freelance game day video editor for Panthervision. This position had
me working on tight deadlines to produce and edit finished packages within a matter of minutes. As an intern at South Carolina Educational Television, I worked as a one-man band
reporter, photographer, producer, and editor.



(Originally appeared on Winthrop Close-Up in Spring of 2015)

(Originally Appeared on Winthrop Close Up in Fall of 2015)